Our company has been established in year 2011 in Hungary as used machine tool reseller company. Since the owner has been working in the metal cutting industry for ca 25 years he decided to establish the production section of this company. The whole company can be found in Székesfehérvár, Hungary and two shops belong to it. One is as storage for the used machine tools and the second is for the metal cutting activity located very close to each others. Our both shops can be found along the M7 motorway very near to Budapest. The city represents the strongest industrial area in the whole country where many international companies are located.

Our big advantage against the competitors that we are able to react upon a demand from customers very quick since we make commercial distribution of some kind of accessories like tool holders, chucks, cutting tools and so on. Using these accessories makes the costs on optimized and we keep our production efficient. We also can obtain any kind of machine tools within a very short time if new orders require it. We undertake some kind of pheripherical technologies we do not have directly in our offer like surface treatments, heat treatments, sandblasting and so on.

We already produced parts to american, japanese and german owned customers both to Hungary and abroad. We are very proud of our performance and quality of works as well as performed deadlines.

Our employees are young professionals who make their jobs alone and do the works perfectly. Our short term goals are to improve the measuring range and capacity and to adopt new quality assurance system as well as increase the man power of company but not at least to became the largest production company in the local area.

You are warm welcome as our new client.